The Maws




What is a mouth without a song? It can give nothing – it can only take. Consumptive and insatiable, it is but a maw to be filled. Empty and pointless.

Yet, even a being without a voice can know song. Can revere it, love it and protect it. Music soothe the fury of the savage beast, and there is no greater song than that of life itself. The song in us all – the song of the universe.

The Maws, I believe they are the embodiment of my own yearning for…anything…everything? The song, knowledge and meaning. They are want given form. No, not just my wants though, that is only the door, the want in us all. Every soul that has been or will be. Desire is an enormous hole that is seldom filled.


Essence: 1 Essence Pool: N/A

Str: 4 Dex: 3 Sta: 2
Cha: 1 Manip: 1 App: 1
Per: 1 Int: 1 Wits: 1
Soak: 8B/7L DDV: 3 PDV: 3
HL -0: o
HL -1: o o
HL -2: o o
HL -4: o
Incap.: o
Maw: 5 8 12L 1 P


Join Battle: 3 | Speed: 3/9


Martial Arts 4, Dodge 1, Awareness 1



Natural Weapon: (4) // Lethal Attack: (1) // Piercing Fangs: (2)
Large Appetite: (-2) // Hunger Frenzy: (-1) // Short Lived (-3)
No Thumbs (-6) // Disturbing (3) // Natural Armor (6)

Maws are ravenous creatures that require close to half their body weight in food ever 25 hour cycle. Once they bite into something, their minds fall into a hunger frenzy, devouring until their hunger is sated.

The hunger in their eyes and disturbing behavior makes it difficult to face them with a straight back – anyone attacking the Maw must have a Dodge MDV of 8+ or suffer a -1 Internal penalty to keep their aim true through the aura of dread and sight of dripping fangs.

Maws only live a few years – aging quickly from the caloric overload poisoning their systems.

The Maws

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